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 USAAF fighter pilot-England, Spring, 1944

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MessageSujet: USAAF fighter pilot-England, Spring, 1944   Sam 27 Sep 2008 - 21:51

Hello all...
Here is a very quick bash of a USAAF fighter pilot-England, Spring 1944...

I'm trying to fill a gap in my figure bashes...Airmen, to display with my 1/72 aircraft builds...but am having trouble with pilots/aircrew other than Luftwaffe...
This is an attempt to use 'somewhat' available gear to bash a 'representative' USAAF fighter pilot (P-38-P-47-P-51) based somewhere in England in the Spring of '44...
Ideally, he would be wearing an RAF type 'C' flying helmet, USAAF A-11 (summer type), or even a fleece-lined leather B-6 helmet w/ earphones...
Since my only precious RAF type'C' has already been pinched for my 'Battle of Britain' flight Seargent (no type 'B's are available)...he has to make do with an DML A-9 type (re-painted khaki grey/green) fitted with earphones...(I believe this item is from the dated 'Cole' pilot)
He wears an OD officer's shirt and standard issue wool trousers in lieu of a Flight suit (unavailable from any current manufacturer), and sports the new 'Ben Harris' A-2 leather jacket and sunglasses...
The goggles are the AN-6350s from DML's 'Billy Hicks'...
DML's excellent B-3 Mae West , M-7 leather holster, and service boots round him out...
I would truly love to see DML re-enter the Allied aviator world with some class Allied gear; like they have been doing for the Luftwaffe pilots and aircrew...
'Billy Hicks' and 'Tim Coburn' gave us some excellent USAAF B-3 jackets and trousers...but a short list of needed USAAF gear would be:
updated A-4 or A-5 flight suit.
A-11 or B-6 flying helmet (or RAF type 'C')
Flight boots (any USAAF or RAF type)
USAAF B-10 or B-15 jacket (cloth successor to the A-2)
Any type parachute harness (USAAF or RAF 'Irvin' type) or seat'type parachute...
I could go on, but the inclusion of these items alone would allow all kinds of USAAF fighter pilot bashes...some bomber crewmen as well...
LOL...this is an un-official 'plea' to those at DML who can help!
Thanks for looking,

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MessageSujet: Re: USAAF fighter pilot-England, Spring, 1944   Sam 27 Sep 2008 - 21:55

Beautiful !

Seul hic que je trouve, ce sont les lunettes drink elles partent un peu en sucette
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MessageSujet: Re: USAAF fighter pilot-England, Spring, 1944   Dim 28 Sep 2008 - 8:45

Oh yes , i love love your pilot , just put his sunglasses a little lower you get it fine hand
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MessageSujet: Re: USAAF fighter pilot-England, Spring, 1944   

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USAAF fighter pilot-England, Spring, 1944
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